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Reasons Why young Professionals Opt for the 12 Week Body Transformation Program Today

It is well known that exercise boosts the mind, improves the fitness of the body and offers a host of psychological benefits to those who practice it regularly. However with the multitude of options open in the fitness industry it’s quite remarkable how 65% of young working professionals happen to prefer the 12 week body transformation program as their route to fitness. If you look at the advantages this program has to offer, you will be able to understand the reason why.

Achievement of weight loss according to plan

Most young working professionals are quite driven and they have this habit of moving in a planned methodical way. With modern lifestyle, alcohol and junk food consumption adding inches to the average waistline, most youngsters have a definitive idea of how much weight they need to use. They just need a wholesome fitness program which can help them achieve their goals.

Now the 12 week body transformation program is a place where fitness is approached very methodically to guarantee fast fat loss. First the BMI, BMR and other physiological parameters are mapped. Then action plans for achieving preset health goals are put into place. Most professionals like the committed attitude of a boot camp and find it more effective to participate there.

12 week body transformation program

Enjoy the cool social life

Unlike the gym which has a very antiseptic atmosphere, a boot camp is a pleasant hub of friendly interactions. People in the age group of 18-35 form the core population group of these camps. Each camp has its own distinct flavor where people from different walks of life congregate.

Conversations pertaining to exercise and fitness are the precursors to social interactions in boot camps. Gradually people start talking about their lives, likes and goals and this is how friendships are struck. Eventually the camp ends but young professionals stay in touch with acquaintances they have made in boot camps. It’s not unusual to find stories of people meeting their soul mates on these camps.

Variety of exercises

Unlike gyms which are mostly all about exercises bound to heavy duty machines, boot camps offer a lot of variety in terms of natural body weight exercises. There are a lot of exercises like cardio vascular exercises, strength training exercises, endurance building exercises, body balance and coordination exercises etc. there are also unusual exercise forms like calisthenics, hydrometrics, kick boxing and war ropes. If you are a lover of variety and like new challenges then 12 week body transformation program is the perfect solution for you.

Nutrition and body detoxification

Young professionals who are engaged in a hectic working and consume a lot of junk food gradually start accumulating toxins in their body. These toxins are responsible for early ageing, high blood pressure, poly cystic ovarian syndrome, high blood sugar and other lifestyle diseases. The programs in boot camps are composed of organic body exercises, life style advice and dietary charts. With a holistic combination of health rejuvenation programs, it’s possible to flush out all the toxins from the body. Join a boot camp today to reboot your health.

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Benefits of Joining a Boot Camp versus Going Jogging Everyday

Most people have this concept that spending some odd 20 minutes in a quick run or a fast jog is enough for keeping the body in top shape. While jogging everyday is much better than remaining quite sedentary, there is a lot more you can do in order to make your way to fitness smoother. The boot camps in Hyde Park for example, offers an exciting mix of exercises with a detailed task oriented approach that is guaranteed to knock off the pounds.

Bootcamps keep you interested

Even seasoned runners get used to following the same exercise day after day. Out of sheer boredom they keep on trying out newly opened parks, established trails and unusual paths in order to add some spice to their routine lives. However much the place might vary, the exercise remains the same. So boredom is destined to seep in and you are sure to skip one or two days of fitness dose in a month out of sheer irritation.

However in Hyde Park bootcamp there are so many exercises to choose from that you will get spoilt or choice. There is strength training, endurance workouts, running, biking, strength building, cardio vascular and balance and coordination exercises. In some camps you will also get to experience different fitness forms like pilates and kickboxing.

boot camps in Hyde Park

Experience the social advantages

Jogging is a lone exercise unless you have a group of equally dedicated individuals with you. There is this niggling feeling that jogging is something that you are supposed to do rather than being something that you love doing. So if you are bored of only having your i-pod for company in your jog then you can try switching to something different.

Join boot camps in Hyde Park and pleasantly surprise yourself. You will see a lot of people from different spheres of life joining a bootcamp with similar health goals. You will start discussing common fitness obstacles with your fellow participants and the discussions will get more interesting and lively with time. Eventually the bootcamp will end but you will have struck up some pretty cool friendships.

Diet and nutrition advice

Eating cheeseburgers and colas after you are back from your jogging regimen is not going to help you one bit if you are trying to knock off the pounds. Bondi fitness trainer  say discipline in diet is mandatory if you have weight loss and muscle building goals in mind.

The Hyde Park boot camp has an in house nutritionist who after studying your body analysis report and discussing about your fitness goals will suggest an exercise programme for you plus a customised diet. He/she will also give you lifestyle advice from time to time. If you really want to get fit fast then benefit from the experience and expertise that a this bootcamp offers and register today for a free nutrition assessment on

Gain confidence

In a typical boot camps in Hyde Park you will experience a lot of healthy competition. The constant motivation from your trainers, cooperation from fellow participants and the overall positive atmosphere will deliver a lot of psychological benefits.

Things Your Boot Camp Trainer Will Tell you That a Gym Trainer Won’t

A gym trainer is a person with a much more limited scope of responsibility than a boot camp trainer. Your lifestyle and your diet and your overall fitness goals are not the concern of your gym trainer as he/she is being paid to ensure that Gym participants learn the proper use of equipment in the gym. For those who still think that all trainers are the same read on to know what your boot camp trainer will tell you and your gym trainer wont.

Specific health goal maps

Your boot camp trainer will perform a holistic physiological assessment and then assess the health goals (long term) that you have set for yourself for example, training for Sydney Mud Runs. The trainer will also tell you the importance of having personal long term health goals in case you have not thought of any. After mapping out the distance between your current physiological status and long term health goals, the boot camp trainer will fix up some short term achievable health milestones for you. This is a dedicated process which no gym trainer in the world is going to undertake.

Holistic nutrition advice

Your gym trainer unlike a boot camp trainer will only be concerned about the activities you conduct inside the gym. However it’s the life that you lead outside the gym that is responsible for the current state of your body. If you really want yourself to become fit then it’s impossible to rely on exercise alone. Diet and exercise with a healthy lifestyle is needed for the pursuit of fitness.

Your boot camptrainer will ask you a dozen questions about your food and lifestyle habits. You will be asked about your consumption of alcohol, the hours you sleep at night, whether you smoke or not etc. You see trainers working in boot camps have decades of experience and they know that lifestyle management is a key issue when it comes to fitness. You will receive diet as well as lifestyle advice from your boot camp trainer.

Sydney Mud Runs

Expected time frame of results

The boot camp trainer knows that you are in a hurry to see visible results in your body after you have enrolled in the boot camp, and he know how to prepare you for a specific obstacle course race by offering Spartan Beast training. This is why unlike the gym trainer he will tell you approximately when you should start seeing changes in your fitness level. It’s natural to see a definite decrease in your waistline after one month of training at the boot camp. Within the first few weeks you will see your stress levels decrease and your body movements growing smoother. In the long run your bone density, muscle power and balance and coordination will increase.

Have fun while you workout

The atmosphere at boot camps is fun and dynamic. You will be able to have a lot of fun and the best thing is that your boot camp trainer will tell you to have fun while you work out. They are wise enough to know that exercise brings best results when it’s a participatory activity as opposed to a chore in a gym!

Precautions to Take When Working out During the Intense Summer Months

Intense summer does not mean you should stop exercising. Rather, summer is the time for enjoying a lot of outdoor activities. Much of these and many more are offered by boot camps that are held in the open. In fact, diverse outdoor workouts and a host of other engaging activities are some of the reasons why you must enrol at a Balmoral group training today. Exercising under the open sky can be fun and exhilarating during the fresh summer months…you just have to be a little careful about certain things that can affect your health and fitness.

Exercising Safely during Summer Months

Working outdoors with Balmoral group training during the summer can be both fun and tiring. This is especially true for the elderly or the very young. Cardiac patients, severely obese people or those who are recovering from illness are other groups susceptible to heat-related illness while exercising during very hot conditions. Prevention of such condition should be your prime aim and you take certain measures that can help you to stay all right.

Prevent Dehydration

Dehydration is often the prime cause for heat-related ailments and this can be prevented through proper intake of water and fluids at timely intervals. Do remember that feeling thirsty means your body is already dehydrated whereas lack of thirst does not necessarily mean your body is adequately hydrated. The best thing is to drink at least 500ml of water prior to your schedule and continue with the same quantity every 15 minutes.

Balmoral group training

Be Aware of Heat-Related Illnesses

Conditions such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke can be easily avoided if you are aware of the symptoms. These include profuse sweating, muscle cramps, unusual tiredness, excessive thirst and dry tongue, dizziness, nausea etc. Stop exercise immediately and speak to your Mosman personal training coach about your condition. Never continue exercising if you are not feeling comfortable.

Wear Appropriate Attire

Sweating is important for keeping your body hydrated and maintaining the proper balance of fluids and electrolytes. Always wear loose-fitting clothes while working out during summer as this keeps you comfortable and eases the process of sweating. Natural fabrics will absorb sweat while synthetic fabrics will allow it to evaporate easily.

Loose clothes also allow your skin to breathe and boost air circulation that keeps the entire body cool.

Always apply suitable sunscreen when exercising outdoors during summer months.

Choose Safe Hours

In summer, often the time you choose for exercising can make a difference to how much you enjoy the process. Always try to avoid noon or afternoon hours if you intend to exercise outdoors. Indoor facilities are the best place to work out during such hours. Choose early morning or evening hours for exercising in the open. The cool breeze and soothing conditions will make exercise safer and more comfortable.

Acclimatize yourself Gradually

The onset of summer is the right time to acclimatize your body for the gruelling months ahead. Start by exercising for about fifteen minutes in the sun initially and increase your exposure gradually as your tolerance level improves. Trainers from Balmoral group training  recommend you never exercise in the sun for prolonged hours if you are not used to it. If exercising outdoors, select areas that have plenty of shade; either natural or artificial.

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